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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lesson #1 Online Satellites
Thu February 12, 2009, 12:30 pm

I have decided to start an online series of Free Poker Lessons...
The first "free" Poker Lesson will be on the subject of Online Satellites.

There are various types of online satellites, multi-table satellites where a certain number of players win seats to major events such as WSOP, Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas as well as various European Poker Tour Events are most common.

There are also one-table satellites that give away only one seat; this is similar to a sit and go. The difference being single table sit and goes pay three places and the satellites are winner take all.

Many of this satellite feature a very low buy in and some are even free. An example of this would be frequent player points that are accumulated by live action as well as tournament play on various internet sites such as poker stars. Players can use these points to enter free online tournaments and satellites.

An example of this is the step program, the step program works like this:

A very low buy in (maybe under $10 dollars) where one or two people advance to the next step. So for example if there are six steps. You have the option of starting at step one for a lower buy in or you can start on higher steps for a larger buy in. So you can work your way up to the larger buy in by playing or paying.

What I'm currently doing with my FPP (frequent players points) is this. I used 1000 FPP to play in a six table 54-man tournament, where 18 players (1/3 of the field) advanced to a final playoff. Play started last night with the playoff being on Sunday, February 15th. Approximately 300 finalists will compete for 2 packages to the Monte Carlo European Poker Tour Championship Event scheduled in early May.

This prize package is worth around $16,000 each. In addition to that 34 additional players can win seats into various step programs for the same tournament. The final table players will advance to the higher step programs (step six). Competing against just one table of players for another seat to the Monte Carlo.

So as you can see online satellites can be very worthwhile and give poker players a change to compete in the biggest tournaments in the world for minimum amounts of money.

Stay tuned for more free poker lessons...

Good luck on the virtual felt.

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