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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
WPT Boot Camp
Fri January 30, 2009, 2:49 pm

Last weekend (January 24th - 25th) I had the pleasure of teaching a WPT Boot Camp at the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The comradery between the instructor and the students was the best I've ever seen.  My fellow instructors were T.J. Cloutier, Linda Johnson, Jan Fisher, Crispin & Jules Leyser.

Alot of good-natured teasing went back and forth between the instructors, especially when we disagreed about what to do in a particular poker hand. The students had some great insights and hopefully learned alot from our various styles of play.

The Boot Camp was structured for tournament play vs. cash games and here are three tips that can help improve your game:

1) Proper Betting  - The  #1 mistake that most new players make. Over betting or under betting the pot can cost you dearly. Learning how to bet properly is the best way to master the game, so what is the proper bet? If your coming into a pot, come in raising with between 3X - 4X times the size of the big blind.  Please, don't min raise!!

2) Position - In real estate it's Location, Location, Location in NLHE it's Position, Position, Position. So what are the positions? Early position is the first 3 positions after the big blind, middle position are the next two to three spots and late position are the cut off seat and the button. So always be aware of your hands in relation to your position on the table.

3) Table Image - Are you aware of your own table image, if so what is it? Are you getting a read on the other players at the table for example are they aggressive, tight, a rock, a maniac or super aggressive? If you have been playing tightly for quite awhile, look for an opportunity to exploit that image and steal some pots. If you have a super aggressive player or a maniac on your left tighten up and don't try to steal their big blinds for just a normal 3X raise, go for 5X if your trying to push an aggressive player.

If you need more tips, check back on our web site often, or consider signing up for a WPT Boot Camp.

Good Luck on the Felt!


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