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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
Poker Plans
Mon September 28, 2009, 4:59 pm

Just a quick note about what's been going on with me lately....

Taught a WPT Boot camp in September at the Golden Nugget.

About 10 days ago I did a charity event for Hospice in Pharump, NV. It was a good time and we raised alot of money for a great cause. I also made the final table but took a bad river beat and went out in 10th place.

I'm off to Aruba on October 5th for a poker tournament, can't wait to hit the tables and the beach.

In the meanwhile I've been playing online at Poker Stars where I came in 4th in an 8 game mixed event. Yesterday I played a VIP match and collected my own bounty :)

October 15th I'll be doing a seminar in Jacksonville, FL.

November I will be attending the Poker Hall of Fame banquet where I am 1 of 9 possible candidates to be inducted.

So wish me luck.
Tom McEvoy

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