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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lesson #6 - Player Types
Tue August 25, 2009, 6:11 pm

When I first sit down at a table whether it's a cash game or tournament, the first thing I do is look around at my opponents and try to evaluate the table. So I look for people I know and recall what I know about them, and if you don't know a player I will go by my first impressions. I make it my business to study the whole table. So when we start playing I can usually judge by the way they play after two orbits around the table. Which take about 20-30 minutes of play.

I was teaching a WPT boot camp and one of the students asked me how can he can possibly absorb all that information at once...so what should he do? I told him that it will come with more experience, so at this point pay attention to one player for one orbit...how many hands did they play...what types of cards did he play and from what position? Then go to another player for the next orbit and so on.

So here are the types of players to identify:

Loose - A loose player is a player who likes to play alot of hands. They are not only playing more hands, but they are playing marginal hands out of position...for example limping into the pot with a K10o from early position.

Loose / Passive - A player who likes to limp in alot, they like to play alot of hands but they are not very aggressive. They don't raise or re-raise much.

Loose / Aggressive - A player who plays Loose but they are in there raising and re-raising with marginal hands. They try to bluff more and this type of player is more difficult to play against. They are not predictable and it's hard to put them on a hand.

Tight - A tight player is easily recognized they fold practically everything. They play very few hands and do not defend their blinds very often. So watch out when this player raises.

Weak / Tight - The easiest players as they never bet without having a hand. They are easy to manipulate.

Solid - Is a style that is the most successful players...they don't play as many hands as the Loose players do, but they play more hands than the Tight players do.

Solid / Aggressive - The best winning style in poker...they will bluff once in awhile. They pay particular attention to position and use that accordingly.

Maniac - Goes way beyond Loose / Aggressive...they are constantly players alot of hands and will re-raise with almost any hand.

So my advice is to figure out what style player that you are, then work to identify the other players at the table and come up with strategies that will work well against each style of player. More on strategies against the player types in future blogs.

Good luck on the felt!

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