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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
2009 WSOP Champions Invitational
Mon June 1, 2009, 11:08 pm

Here are a few of the key hands as Tom Battles On For The Win... Go Tom!
(hands courtesy of wsop.com)

McEvoy Eliminates Varkonyi, Wins Champions Invitational
And in just one more hand... over. The hand began modestly enough, with a limped flop of . Varkonyi bet 4,000 and McEvoy called. The turn was a dangerous . Varkonyi bet 8,000, McEvoy made it 16,000, Varkonyi pushed all in, and McEvoy quickly called. The hands: Varkonyi: McEvoy: Varkonyi seemed to have an open-ended straight flush draw but in reality had only one out -- the . No miracle here, as the fell instead and McEvoy wrapped up the title with the higher flush.

McEvoy Regains Edge
McEvoy took down four straight pots to again move out to a dominating lead. The biggest of the four began with McEvoy making a button raise to 5,000, with Varkonyi calling. The flop came , and Varkonyi made it 10,000. McEvoy quickly made it 20,000, and Varkonyiâ??s left leg quivered under the table as he weighed his options. Still, after only about 20 seconds, he tossed it away.

Harrington Busted in Third
1995 Main Event champion Dan Harrington busted in third place after committing himself preflop with , reraising over Tom McEvoy's opening raise for about half of his remaining 32,000 or so chips. McEvoy called, then checked to Harrington after the flop. Harrington pushed in his remaining 15,700, and McEvoy considered it at lengthy before calling with for middle pair. McEvoy's queens were good, as the turn and river came and to end Harringtons night. With the knockout, Level 11 drew to a close and McEvoy and Robert Varkonyi headed off for a 20-minute break. Official chip counts shortly.

Can't Buy This One
Tom McEvoy hung in a recent hand against Dan Harrington's action and took down a healthy pot as a reward. With over 7,000 in the middle, the flop came ; McEvoy checked, Harrington bet 4,000, and McEvoy called. The turn brought the . McEvoy checked again, and again Harrington fired, this time for 9,000. McEvoy called again after only a brief pause. The river was the . McEvoy checked again, but this time Harrington checked behind. McEvoy showed A-7 for two pair and Harrington mucked.

McEvoy Defends, Stretches Edge
After three straight hands where the button player won a small pot after a preflop or postflop raise, Tom McEvoy played back at Robert Varkonyi after Varkonyi made it 3,500 from the button. McEvoy repopped it to 10,500 and Varkonyi went away.

McEvoy Eliminates Bechtel in Fourth
Tom McEvoy has been running well, and it continued in the biggest hand of the tournament so far. With the blinds and antes at 500/1,000/100, Robert Varkonyi opened to 3,000 from under the gun. McEvoy made it 9,000 from the button, Dan Harrington folded his small blind, and Jim Bechtel announced a reraise from the big blind. Bechtel pondered, then made it a total of 29,000. Varkonyi quickly folded, and McEvoy paused for only a few moments before announcing "All in", Bechtel motioned with his hands as if, sure and announced his own all-in. The hands: McEvoy: Bechtel: Bechtel's call had been for his last 35,600, and McEvoy, with 47,700 over Bechtel's previous raise, had him slightly outchipped. Bechtel went stone-faced when the flop came to pair McEvoy's ace, with a large cheer erupting from McEvoy's rooting section. Bechtel was left drawing to the case king after the turn, and the river brought the instead. With the addition of some small pots at the expense of the other players, McEvoy has jumped to roughly 120,000 in chips and a commanding lead entering three-way play.

Doyle Brunson Departs in Eighth
Another three-way pot unfolded, and this one saw the exit of fan favorite Doyle "Texas Dolly" Brunson. Brunson, Tom McEvoy and Dan Harrington each saw a flop of , with nearly 7,000 in the pot at that point. Brunson led out for 7,000, McEvoy quickly made it 20,000, and Harrington folded. Brunson hesitated only a short time before pushing all in for a total of 16,275. He turned over for the flush draw against McEvoy's pocket jacks. The crowd exhorted a heart from the deck but neither that nor an ace would appear, with the turn the and the river the . Brunson exited to the largest round of applause on the day.

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