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Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
Adventures in the EPT "San Remo, Italy"
Tue May 5, 2009, 3:03 pm

I arrived in San Remo on 4/16/2009 and got right into the tournament on 4/18/2009...The first day I doubled up to 21,000 and went into day two with an average size chip stack. I found my way through day two and had 51,500 chips going into day three. I was a below average stack but was a favorite to get into the money.

However I made a play against a very loose player with alot of chips who just called an all in and busted another player with 97o (so he was a gambler). So my play was quite risky but I had been through the blinds twice and not seen any cards. The blinds were 2000 and 4000...me small blind and the maniac in the big blind. So my thought was that if could pick up the blinds once I could make it into the money. I looked down and had A4o and I moved in hoping for a fold but not expecting one. Fortunatley for me he folded and then I got moved to another table right after the break.

My last hand went down like this... I had KcQc in the small blind and made a call from another player who raised. The flop came down with an A and two clubs, so my thought was if the other player doesn't have an A he can't call if I bet here...so I shoved with the draw. If he did have an Ace, I still had close to a 40% chance to win, and I couldn't check to him and let him take the pot.  So I shoved and he called with his A10, but I picked up 3 extra outs when he also hit the 10 on the turn. Needless to say I didn't hit the straight or the flush, so much for my 12 outs. I finished the tournament 107th (in the money) out of 1178 starters.

More soon on my adventures in Slovania next blog.
Good Luck on the Felt!

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