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Poker Lessons and Articles by Tom McEvoy
Poker Lessons and Blog by Tom McEvoy
Ceasars Dream Team Poker Championship
Tue April 7, 2009, 2:58 pm

Ceasars Palace came up with yet another exciting tournamnet, The Dream Team Poker Championship. The concept consisted of 148 three man teams, totaling 444 players vying for the team championship as well as individual honors and prizes. Each player posted the $500 buy in which created a prize pool of $220,000. This was a rather unique concept because the fewest points won. So if you went out in 444th  place you received 444 points, so the team with the lowest team score won.

They also had a unique scoring system, the worst finished on your team score was throw out so only the two best finishes counted.  I participated as a member of PIC Club which is the legal way to fund online poker accounts from the US and abroad. My teammates were Kathy Liebert and T.J. Cloutier.

T.J and Kathy both went out early so I had my work cut out for me. We could not win as a team at this point, so I was playing for the 40% of the prize money that went to individual players.
The winning team consisted of 2006 world champion Jamie Gold and his girlfriend Ashley Nataupsky, Jamie taking 9th place and Ashley taking 4th.

As for me, your truly, I battled my way to the final table where I managed a disappointing 6th place finish. The blinds were up to 20k and 40k and I was getting short stacked. So I gambled when the one player who barely had me covered shoved all in...I did the same with my A7 only to find that he had 1010 and it held up. C'est la vie!

Good Luck on the Felt!

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